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The crystal clear waters and lush pastures around Tasmania have combined to provide some of the finest beef, seafood and dairy products on the planet. Complement this fare with exceptional cold climate wines and you have Tasmans – Sydney’s only restaurant experience showcasing the magnificent produce of Tasmania.
If a region’s food starts with nature’s gifts, then it’s little wonder Tasmania is often referred to as Australia’s gourmet state. In the distinctly seasonal climate, the abundance of the surrounding oceans and the soils, rivers and geography of the islands, nature has been more than generous.

Tasman’s is inspired by the lush pastures and pristine waters where you can still dive along the coastal reefs and off-shore islands and get a feed of crayfish. You can still pull mussels and oysters from the rocks as the aborigines have done for over 20,000 years, still catch jag squid by the light of a torch or net shoaled anchovies. And where all else fails, there are few places left in the world where you can still catch a sea-run trout 10 minutes from the GPO and wash it down with a wine from the vineyard on the hillside behind you.

King Island Beef
King Island lies in the path of the Roaring Forties, the ever-present westerlies that circle the world’s southern latitudes. It’s an island of long, empty beaches and clean, fresh air, of offshore reefs, rocky coasts, lighthouses and shipwrecks. Australia’s worst maritime disaster occurred here in 1845, when the Cataraqui grounded with the subsequent tragic loss of 400 lives. Today, Cape Wickham lighthouse - the tallest lighthouse in the southern hemisphere - guides mariners safely into Bass Strait but you can still explore the island’s most important historic sites on the Shipwreck Trail.

On King Island’s flat farmlands, beef and dairy cattle shelter behind thick ti-tree hedges - the lush grass is the secret to the succulent local beef, rich cream and wonderful hand-made cheeses.